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Array Networks
Industry Application Delivery Networking
Founded 2000
Headquarters Milpitas, California
Products APV Series Application Delivery Controllers, AG Series SSL VPN, AVX Series Virtualized Appliances, aCelera WAN Optimization Controllers
Website Official website

Array Networks is an American networking hardware company. It sells network traffic encryption tools.[1]

Array Networks was founded in 2000 by Lawrence Lu and is based in Milpitas, California.[2] Originally called ClickArray Networks, it was renamed Array Networks in 2001 by then-incoming CEO Don Massaro who said the longer name "sounded too dot-commy".[3] It received funding from the venture capital firm U.S. Venture Partners and the private equity firm H&Q Asia Pacific.[4]

On May 13, 2009,[1] Array Networks became the first non-Taiwan company to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.[5] The company sold 54 million shares that had a total value of about $79 million.[1] In 2009, 43% of the company's market share was in China, and its main product type sold there consisted of SSL VPN devices. It also had 200 employees in China, which CEO Michael Zhao said made China a "natural choice" for an IPO.[1] In comparison, the company had 70 employees in Silicon Valley.[4] But because China did not allow non-Chinese companies on their exchange, he narrowed the choices down to the NASDAQ and the Taiwan Stock Exchange. He chose the Taiwan Stock Exchange for two reasons: Array Networks had a strong business presence in Asia, and Taiwan Stock Exchange's listing fees were at least one third less than the NASDAQ's.[1]

In 2011, CRN Magazine noted that most of Array Networks' sales is from Asia and that the company is "particularly strong" in China, Japan, and India.[2]

APV Series Application Delivery Controllers

In 2008, Array Networks first introduced its (AppVelocity) APV Series that consists of Application Delivery Controllers for SSL acceleration, load balancing and traffic managementat layers 2-7 for enterprise data centers and Web sites.[6]

In 2013, Array released the APV 2600, 5600, 10600 and 10650 appliances.[7]

In 2014, Array released the virtual AVX10650 multi-tenant application delivery controller that has 8 fully partitioned ADC instances to support multiple load-balancing-as-a-service (LBaaS) tenants, enterprise departments or applications, or similar shared environments.[8]

In 2015, Array released a multi-tenant, virtualized AVX10650 ADC appliance that offers 4, 8, 12 or 16 fully independent instances each with its own I/O, CPU, SSL card and memory.[9]

AG series SSL VPN Secure Access Gateways for Enterprise Platforms

Array's AG Series secure access gateways provide scalable, mobile-ready secure access to enterprise applications and cloud services. The AG Series enables anytime, anywhere access from any device, whilst protecting the data being transmitted.[10]

Remote Desktop Access

Array Networks launched DesktopDirect to enable users access to remote desktops from a standard web browser.[11]

DesktopDirect can remotely boot up PCs that are in the “off” or “standby” states. The user browses to a specific URL to access the registration portal. The user logs in, upon seeing a prompt for credentials, enters the hostname and description of the desktop PC, and registration is complete.

Secure Mobile Access

For remote desktop access via a mobile device, MotionPro allows users to access their desktop using their own personal mobile device.[12] MotionPro enables BYOD and business mobility by provisioning, securing and providing connectivity to native and Web apps from tablets and smart phones.

aCelera WAN Optimization Controller

In March 2013, Array acquired the assets of WOC pioneer Certeon, including development and support operations.[13]

As a result of the acquisition, Array added software-based WAN optimization products, including the aCelera Virtual Appliance, aCelera for Windows Server and aCelera Mobile to its portfolio. The aCelera Virtual Appliance is available on VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and Windows Server 2008 R2, and as a mobile client for Windows XP and Windows 7.[14]

The aCelera appliance can be used to accelerate application traffic for Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Dell, file transfers, backup and replication and others.[15]

In 2014, Array introduced the WAN1100, a tabletop device with throughput of 10 Mbit/s and the capability to handle up to 40 concurrent TCP connections.[16]


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