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Site plan of the Acropolis at Athens - the Arrephorion is number 11.

The Arrephorion was a small building sited beside the north wall of the Acropolis of Athens and next to the wall of Pericles, identified in 1920 by the German architect Wilhelm Dörpfeld. It provided the lodgings for the Arrephoros, four noble Athenian girls who worked to prepare the peplos which would be used in the Panathenaic Games.

The building had a square floor with twelve meters a side which was composed of a single room which was about 38 metres squared with a portico that was four metres long. The courtyard had a rear exit via a staircase that connected with the temple of Aphrodite.

Its construction is dated at 470 B.C.

Coordinates: 37°58′20″N 23°43′33″E / 37.97222°N 23.72583°E / 37.97222; 23.72583