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The Arrilaser is a digital film recorder made by Arri which writes digital movie files onto film after compositing and audio mastering on the computer. Files are sent to the device via a fast gigabit Ethernet connection. The Arrilaser uses three solid-state lasers (red, green, and blue) as a light source, and significantly reduces the cost of recording digital images onto film. Its chief competitor is Celco's Film Fury CRT-based recorder. As of July 2009, there were more than 250 Arrilasers installed worldwide.[1]

Film recorder Oscars[edit]

In 2002, the manufacturer of the Arrilaser was honored with the "Scientific and Engineering Award" (Oscar Academy Awards) from the "Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences" (AMPAS) in Hollywood: "The Arrilaser film recorder demonstrates a high level of engineering resulting in a compact, user-friendly, low-maintenance device while at the same time maintaining outstanding speed, exposure ratings and image quality." (The Oscars Official site).[2]

Again in 2012, AMPAS awarded an Oscar to the makers of the Arrilaser film recorder. The "Academy Award of Merit" Oscar from the Academy Scientific and Technical Award ceremony was given on Feb. 11, 2012 to Franz Kraus, Johannes Steurer and Wolfgang Riedel.[3]

Arrilaser Film Recorder

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