Arrissoules Tunnel

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Arrissoules Tunnel
Location Fribourg/Vaud, Switzerland
Coordinates 46°47′46″N 6°46′52″E / 46.796°N 6.781°E / 46.796; 6.781Coordinates: 46°47′46″N 6°46′52″E / 46.796°N 6.781°E / 46.796; 6.781
Status Active
Route A1 motorway
Opened 2000
Character road
Length 2,987 metres (9,800 ft)

Arissoules Tunnel (French: Tunnel d'Arrissoules) is a motorway tunnel in the Swiss cantons of Fribourg and Vaud, near the village of Arrissoules. The tunnel forms part of the A1 motorway from Geneva to St. Margrethen. It is 2,987 metres (9,800 ft) long, and was opened in 2000.[1]


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