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Arriva Trains Northern
153304 at Doncaster.JPG
Franchise(s)Regional Railways North East
2 March 1997 – 11 December 2004
Main region(s)North East
Other region(s)North West
North Midlands
Fleet size169 until February 2004
141 after February 2004
Parent companyArriva
Reporting markAN (NS when Northern Spirit)
PredecessorRegional Railways
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Arriva Trains Northern[1] was a train operating company in England owned by Arriva that operated the Regional Railways North East franchise from March 1997 until December 2004. Arriva resumed operating Northern train services again on 1 April 2016 under the Northern brand but ceased again on 29 February 2020.


Northern Spirit liveried 156443 at Carlisle station in August 2004
TransPennine Express liveried 158798 at Doncaster station in July 2003

As part of the privatisation of British Rail, the Regional Railways North East franchise was awarded by the Director of Passenger Rail Franchising to MTL after it won the contest from a field of Connex, FirstBus, Grand Central, a management/Via-GTI consortium, National Express, Prism Rail and Stagecoach.[2][3] The franchise commenced on 2 March 1997.[4]

In May 1998, the franchise was rebranded as Northern Spirit with a livery of turquoise with a lime green stylised italic N across the midsection introduced.[5][6][7]

At the same time, the long distance regional services connecting Sunderland, Newcastle, Scarborough and Hull with Manchester, Liverpool and Blackpool were sub-branded under the TransPennine Express banner with rolling stock painted in a base colour of maroon with a gold stylised italic N across the midsection. These services would later become a franchise in their own right from 2004, namely the Transpennine franchise, which is currently operated by TransPennine Express.[8]

On 18 February 2000, MTL was purchased by Arriva,[9][10][11] and on 27 April 2001 the franchise was rebranded as Arriva Trains Northern.[12][13] The Arriva corporate turquoise and stone livery was introduced on refurbished 153352 in July 2001.[14][15]


Arriva Trains Northern operated a mix of long distance regional, local urban and rural passenger services in the North of England and Yorkshire and the Humber extending across the Pennines.

The network extended from Carlisle and Chathill in the north to Sunderland, Scarborough, Hull and Cleethorpes on the east coast down to Sheffield and across to Manchester, Liverpool, Blackpool and Morecambe on the West Coast.

A daily Leeds to Glasgow Central via the Settle & Carlisle and West Coast Main Lines service was introduced in September 1999, the first time such a service had operated since 1982.[16][17]


A long-running dispute with the RMT union lead to a prolonged period of industrial action. As a result, in 2001, the Strategic Rail Authority imposed a £2  million fine.[18][19][20] Throughout its life, the franchise suffered a shortage of drivers and rolling stock which led to many cancellations on a daily basis. An emergency timetable was later brought in which cancelled many services on a permanent basis rather than random as before.[21]

Rolling stock[edit]

Arriva Trains Northern inherited a fleet of Class 142, Class 144, Class 150, Class 155, Class 156, Class 158, Class 308 and Class 321s from Regional Railways.

In September 1998, Northern Spirit traded seven of its Class 142s (142085-091) to Valley Lines in exchange for seven Class 150s (150268-274),[22] although between October and December 2002 these were swapped for unrefurbished units 142072-77 and 142080-083, as 142086-091 had only recently been refurbished by Northern Spirit and Valley Lines wished to start their own refurbishment from scratch. In January 2001, the first of 16 Class 333s ordered to replace the Class 308s, entered service.[23][24][25]

A shortage of available rolling stock to meet increasing demand led Arriva Trains Northern to lease Class 37s and ex Virgin CrossCountry Mark 2 carriages from English Welsh & Scottish to top and tail a daily service from Leeds to Carlisle for 12 months from September 2003.[26][27][28] It also operated a peak hour Knaresborough to Leeds service.[29]

Some of the rolling stock was owned by the West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and these were repainted red and silver with the Metro logos of the passenger transport executive.[30][31]

Class Image Type Top speed Number Built
mph km/h
142 Pacer Wakefield Kirkgate 2.jpg Diesel multiple unit 75 120 6 1985–1987
144 Pacer 144001lincoln.JPG 23 1986–1987
150 Sprinter Arriva NWalesTrain.JPG 10 1985–1987
153 Super Sprinter 153304 at Doncaster.JPG 20 1987–1988
155 Super Sprinter Northern-155346-02.jpg 7
156 Super Sprinter 156443 at Carlisle.JPG 46 1987–1989
158 Express Sprinter 158798 at Doncaster.JPG 90 145 38 1989–1992
308 British Rail Class 308 at Leeds 1996.jpg Electric multiple unit 75 120 33 1961
321 321901 at Doncaster.JPG 100 160 3 1991
333 Northern-333xxx-01.jpg 16 2000–2003
Mark 2 carriage Mk 2F TSO 6035 at Carlisle.JPG carriage 6 1969–1974


Arriva Trains Northern's fleet was maintained at Heaton depot in Newcastle upon Tyne and Neville Hill depot in Leeds.


In 2000, the Strategic Rail Authority announced that it planned to create a new TransPennine Express franchise transferring Arriva Train Northern's long distance regional services with the remainder to be combined with those of the Regional Railways North West franchise to form a new Northern Rail franchise.[32][33]

In July 2003, the Strategic Rail Authority awarded the TransPennine franchise to FirstGroup/Keolis with services operated by Arriva Trains Northern transferring to First TransPennine Express on 1 February 2004.[34][35][36][37]

In July 2004, the Strategic Rail Authority awarded the Northern Rail franchise to Serco-Abellio with the remaining services operated by Arriva Trains Northern transferring to Northern Rail on 12 December 2004.[38][39]


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