Arrival (Jordan Rudess album)

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Arrival (Jordan Rudess album).jpeg
Demo album by Jordan Rudess
Released 1988
Recorded 1988
Genre Instrumental
Length 46:00
Producer Jordan Rudess
Jordan Rudess chronology

Arrival is an album by Jordan Rudess recorded and released in 1988. It was released under the spelling of "Jordan Rudes".

This album is the first album to be released by Jordan Rudess. It was released only on Cassette tape and has not been rereleased since, but can be purchased and downloaded as mp3 files from Rudess' website.

Track listing[edit]

All pieces are composed by Jordan Rudess.

  1. Danielle's Dance – 6:35
  2. Making Waves – 11:02
  3. First Waterfall – 7:16
  4. View from Above – 4:32
  5. Soft Landing – 20:56