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Arrogance is a rock band from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In the 1970s and early 1980s it was one of the most popular local bands in the state.[1]

Arrogance made a legendary run of appearances at Raleigh's Village Subway, and holds the distinction of being the first group to bash out a few chords at the Pier back in 1973.[2] The group has released six full length albums in its history and an early non-LP single.

In 1983 the group entered a dormant period and the members did not perform together again until 2000, when the band reunited for a few select concerts and gigs in the Triangle area in celebration of Arrogance's 30th anniversary. The most notable was the "Reunion" concert at the North Carolina Museum of Art Amphitheatre in Raleigh in 2000. After large turnouts at the band's 2000 performances, Arrogance began performing again in local clubs, bars, and at special events, averaging about one show a year. The band's current lineup consists of Rod Abernethy, Don Dixon, Scott Davison, Robert Kirkland, and Marty Stout.


Arrogance began in a dorm room at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill when Don Dixon and Robert Kirkland began singing together in 1969.[3] The band's success has inspired numerous other North Carolinian bands to emerge in search of national fame.[4]

Christened "Arrogance" by Don Dixon for their reputation of blowing other bands off the stage and known for their smart lyrics and catchy rock tunes, Arrogance was an indie band before there were indie bands.


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