Arros (river)

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Saint-sever 1 arros.jpg
Origin Baronnies of Pyrenees
Mouth Adour
43°39′44″N 0°1′41″W / 43.66222°N 0.02806°W / 43.66222; -0.02806 (Adour-Arros)Coordinates: 43°39′44″N 0°1′41″W / 43.66222°N 0.02806°W / 43.66222; -0.02806 (Adour-Arros)
Basin countries France
Length 131 km
Avg. discharge 9 m³/s
Basin area 947 km²

The Arros (Occitan: Arròs), is a right tributary of the Adour, in the Southwest of France.


The name Arros is based on the root Arr- 'stone' and the suffix -os.


The Arros rises in the Baronnies of Pyrenees, southeast of Bagnères-de-Bigorre, below the Signal de Bassia (1 921 m).

It flows north through a narrow valley defended by the castle of Mauvezin and the bastide of Tournay. It joins the Adour before it turn west, upstream from Riscle.

Départements and towns[edit]

Main tributaries[edit]