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Arrott plot for a simple mean field ferromagnetic phase transition.

In condensed matter physics, an Arrott plot is a plot of the square of the magnetization of a substance, against the ratio of the applied magnetic field to magnetization at one (or several) fixed temperature(s). Arrott plots are an easy way of determining the presence of ferromagnetic order in a material.[1][2] They are named after American physicist Anthony Arrott who introduced them as a technique for studying magnetism in 1957.[3]


According to the Ginzburg-Landau mean field picture for magnetism, the free energy of a ferromagnetic material close to a phase transition can be written as:

where , the magnetization, is the order parameter, is the applied magnetic field, is the critical temperature, and are material constants.

Close to the phase transition, this gives a relation for the magnetization order parameter:

where is a dimensionless measure of the temperature.

Thus in a graph plotting vs. for various temperatures, the line without an intercept corresponds to the dependence at the critical temperature. Thus along with providing evidence for the existence of a ferromagnetic phase, the Arrott plot can also be used to determine the critical temperature for the phase transition.[4]

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