Arroyo Aguiar (meteorite)

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Arroyo Aguiar
Arroyo Aguiar meteorite, 70g slice.jpg
Type Chondrite
Class Ordinary chondrite
Group H5
Country Argentina
Region Santa Fe
Coordinates 31°25′S 60°40′W / 31.417°S 60.667°W / -31.417; -60.667Coordinates: 31°25′S 60°40′W / 31.417°S 60.667°W / -31.417; -60.667[1]
Observed fall Yes
Fall date summer 1950
TKW 7.45 kg

Arroyo Aguiar is an H chondrite meteorite that fell to earth during the summer of 1950 in the province of Santa Fe, Argentina.


It is an ordinary chondrite type H with a petrologic type 5, thus belongs to the group H5.

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