Arroyo Barú

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Arroyo Barú
Municipality and village
Country  Argentina
Province Entre Ríos Province

Arroyo Barú is a village and municipality in Entre Ríos Province in north-eastern Argentina.[1] Its name comes from the stream that runs 5 km away from the train station (50 km Northeast of Colón), which was named after a Spanish Lieutenant who owned the lands in 1776.


It has 680 inhabitants (INDEC, 2001), which shows a 54,55% increase compared to the previous (1991) census figures.


There are tours of the stream, and there's a local museum. There are also tourist train rides available on Sundays. It is considered an attractive spot for ecotourism, cross country walks, birdwatching, fishing and rural activities. Each November the village sees the pilgrimage to the Virgin Medalla Milagrosa de Barú pass, as this lies 40 km away.


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Coordinates: 31°52′S 58°26′W / 31.867°S 58.433°W / -31.867; -58.433