Arroyo Seco AVA

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For other places with similar names, see Arroyo Seco.
Arroyo Seco AVA
Wine region
Arroyo Seco Chard.jpg
Chardonnay from the Arroyo Seco AVA
Type American Viticultural Area
Year established 1983, amended in 2006[1]
Country United States
Part of California, Central Coast AVA, Monterey AVA
Total area 42,880 acres (17,353 ha)[2]
Grapes produced Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Grenache, Merlot, Mourvedre, Muscat Canelli, Pinot blanc, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Riesling, Sangiovese, Sauvignon blanc, Syrah, Viognier[3]

The Arroyo Seco AVA is an American Viticultural Area in Monterey County, California, southeast of Monterey Bay. The appellation encompasses 18,240 acres (7,381 ha) in the valley adjacent to the Arroyo Seco Creek. Because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the area has a cool climate, and is best suited for those grape varieties that benefit from the cool afternoon breeze. The area is known for its gravelly soil that absorbs heat during the day and radiates that heat in the evening. This helps keep the grapes from freezing at night.

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