Arroz a la cubana

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Arroz a la cubana
Arroz a la cubana - Rice and a fried egg smothered with tomato sauce
Arroz a la cubana - rice and a fried egg smothered with tomato sauce
Type Main course
Place of origin Spain
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredient(s) Rice, fried egg, tomato sauce

Arroz a la cubana (Spanish pronunciation: [aˈroθ a la kuˈβana], also called arroz cubano, literally "Cuban-style rice") is a Spanish dish consisting of rice, a fried egg and tomato sauce. The dish is also popular in the Philippines and Peru.

In Spain, a typical dish of arroz a la cubana consists of a serving of white rice with tomato sauce and a fried egg. Sometimes this dish is also served with a fried plantain ("banana" in Spanish).

The Philippine version consists of ground beef sauteed with onions, garlic, tomato sauce, diced potatoes, raisins, and diced carrots, plus white rice, a fried egg and a ripe native plantain, sliced length-wise and fried. The ground beef recipe in this dish is quite similar to what Cubans call picadillo, except without the green olives and capers. To confuse matters further, picadillo in the Philippines refers to yet another soupy ground beef and potato dish.

In Peru, it is common for the dish to consist of white rice, fried plantain ("banana" in Spanish), a fried hot-dog wiener, and a fried egg over the white rice.

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