Arroz chaufa

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Arroz chaufa

Arroz chaufa also known as Arroz de chaufa (Chinese rice) is a Peruvian fried rice dish. It is a chifa style dish, a mix of Peruvian and Chinese cuisine.[1] It consists of a mix of fried rice with vegetables, usually including Chinese onions, eggs, and chicken, quickly cooked at a high flame, often in a wok with soy sauce and oil. It is highly influenced by Chinese cuisine due to the influx of Chinese immigrants to Peru. In Ecuador, a similar dish is known as Chaulafan.

One who is specialized in the art of making chaufa is known as a chaufero. There are reported to be 9,000 chifas in Lima alone[citation needed].

Dark soy sauce is preferred for use with Peruvian fried rice. Meats typically used are usually pork, beef, chicken, and shrimp.

In some regions the rice is replaced with quinoa or pearled wheat while in others, rice is mixed with noodles.


The word "chaufa" comes from the Chinese word "chaofan" (Simplified Chinese: 炒饭, Traditional Chinese: 炒飯, Pinyin: chǎofàn, Cantonese: Cháau Faahn), literally "fried rice".


  • Arroz chaufa with chicken
  • Arroz chaufa with beef
  • Arroz chaufa with pork
  • Arroz chaufa "airport"
  • Arroz chaufa "wild"
  • Arroz Chaufa with duck
  • Arroz chaufa with jerky
  • Arroz chaufa with seafood
  • Arroz chaufa with fish
  • Arroz chaufa with alligator or lizard
  • Arroz chaufa "special"
  • Arroz chaufa "Taypa"
  • It is possible to adapt the recipe with other grains:
  • Chaufa of quinua
  • Chaufa of wheat

The dish is accompanied by soy sauce and/or an aji-based cream.

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