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The ArsDigita Prize, sponsored by ArsDigita and Philip Greenspun, was awarded annually in June 1999, 2000, and 2001 to young people who created "useful, educational, and collaborative" non-commercial Web sites.

The award[edit]

The winner received a $10,000 award, and the first runners-up each received $1,000. All first runners-up received a free trip to the computer research laboratories at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, seats at a two-day seminar taught by Philip Greenspun, lunch with David D. Clark, Tim Berners-Lee and Michael Dertouzos, dinner with Hal Abelson and Gerry Sussman, and access to a Web server for life.

Past winners[edit]


  • Simon Carstensen - The Reminder Network
  • Zack Coburn ( - Ensophic
  • Nathan Faber - Westport Learning Network
  • Omar Fawzy - Quantum Mechanics Made Simple
  • Heather Lawver - The Daily Prophet & Calculo (
  • Fabian Yamaguchi - The Young Programmer's Network



  • (winner) Daniel Hunter - WebCalendar
  • Nathaniel Duca - Escalation
  • Nada Amin ( - Metis Service
  • David Sontag - eZstat
  • Ian MacAllen - The New Theatre Guide
  • Yiannis Volos - Yiannis Volos Internet Home
  • Neal Sidhwaney - Western Computer Science Message Board
  • Troy Davis -