Arse Elektronika

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Arse Elektronika
Arse Elektronika poster 2007.jpg
Genre Sex and technology conference
Frequency Annual
Location(s) Various
Years active Since 2007
Inaugurated 5 October 2007; 11 years ago (2007-10-05)
Organised by monochrom

Arse Elektronika is an annual conference organized by the Austrian arts and philosophy collective monochrom, focused on sex and technology. The festival presents talks, workshops, machines, presentations and films. The festival's curator is Johannes Grenzfurthner. Between 2007 and 2015, the event was held in San Francisco, but monochrom wants to move the event to Europe.[citation needed]

The name Arse Elektronika is a pun on Ars Electronica, the name of an arts and technology organization also based in Austria.[citation needed]

Speakers at past conferences have included Violet Blue, Mark Dery, Richard Kadrey, Annalee Newitz, Carol Queen, Susie Bright and Rudy Rucker, with demonstrations by Kyle Machulis of the blog Slashdong; Heather Kelley; Allen Stein of Thrillhammer; and other engineers of the pornographic website Fucking Machines.

Past conferences[edit]

The first conference was held in 2007[1] to answer questions about the impact of sex on technological innovation and adoption. New technologies are quick to appeal to pornography consumers, and thus these customers represent a profitable market segment for the suppliers of new products and services.

The 2008 conference, subtitled "Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep: Critical Perspectives on Sex and Science Fiction,"[2] focused on sex and technology as seen through the futurist lens of science fiction, as well as depictions of science fiction in pornography.

The 2009 conference, "Of Intercourse and Intracourse"[3] dealt with bodies and the modification thereof, including wetware, gene therapy, biotechnology and body modification. Talks also speculated on the social impacts of these technologies particularly the implications on heteronormativity if biological sex becomes easily changeable.

The 2010 conference, "Space Racy", dealt with issues of space, both in an architectural and aeronautical sense. Topics included the possibility of sex in outer space, the gendered and/or sexualized nature of built spaces, interspecies romance in video games, and an interactive installation called Six Feet Under Club in which participants could have sex while buried in a surveillant coffin.[4]

The 2011 conference, "Screw the System," dealt with sex, technology, class politics, and culture.[citation needed]

The 2012 conference, "4PLAY: Gamifuckation and Its Discontents" dealt with sex, technology and games.[5]

The 2013 conference, "id/entity" dealt with sex, technology and identity.[citation needed]

The 2014 conference, "TRANS*.*" dealt with technology and sexuality in societal and personal transition.[citation needed]

The 2015 conference, "Spread Your Workload" dealt with technology and sexuality and work (tech and sex work; work and labour politics in context of sex tech; work in a physical context).[citation needed]

No (10th) conference has been held in 2016.[citation needed]

Arse Elektronika's 10th anniversary conference (and 10th as well) is announced for autumn 2017.[citation needed]

Past exhibitions[edit]

In April 2010, the first Arse Elektronika exhibition "Techno(sexual) Bodies" was presented at Videotage in the city of Hong Kong; it was curated by Johannes Grenzfurthner and Isaac Leung.[citation needed]

Arse Elektronika's curator Johannes Grenzfurthner (at Arse Elektronika 2007)


pr0nnovation? Pornography and Technological Innovation (Arse Elektronika Anthology #1)

Do Androids Sleep with Electric Sheep? Critical Perspectives on Sexuality and Pornography in Science and Social Fiction (Arse Elektronika Anthology #2)

Of Intercourse and Intracourse – Sexuality, Biomodification and the Techno-Social Sphere (Arse Elektronika Anthology #3)

Screw The System – Explorations of Spaces, Games and Politics through Sexuality and Technology (Arse Elektronika Anthology #4)

  • Edited by Johannes Grenzfurthner, Günther Friesinger, Daniel Fabry. Published by RE/Search Publications (San Francisco) in cooperation with monochrom.[citation needed]
  • Featuring essays and short-stories by Jaakko Stenros, Paolo Pedercini, Rosalynn Rothstein, Adam Rothstein, Jack Sargeant, Anna Anthropy, Heather Kelley, Lindsay Grace, Johannes Grenzfurthner, Maggie Mayhem, Ned Mayhem, Kristen Stubbs, Marco Maiocchi, Margherita Pillan, Marko Radeta, Pietro Righi Riva, Samuel Coniglio, Katherine Becvar, Nadja Sayej, Thomas Ballhausen, Philip Freeman, Jonathan Mann, Rich Gibson, Maymay.[citation needed]


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