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Arsen Dedić
Arsen Dedić in 2006
Background information
Birth name Arsenije Dedić[1]
Also known as Arsen
Igor Krimov
Luka Juras
Born 28 July 1938
Šibenik, Littoral Banovina, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Died 17 August 2015(2015-08-17) (aged 77)
Zagreb, Croatia
Genres Chanson, Pop
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter, poet
Years active 1958–2015
Labels Jugoton, Croatia Records
Associated acts Gabi Novak

Arsenije "Arsen" Dedić (pronounced [ǎrsen děːditɕ]; 28 July 1938 – 17 August 2015) was a Croatian singer-songwriter. Dedić wrote and performed chansons as well as film music. He was also an award-winning poet and was one of the best-selling poets of former Yugoslavia.


Arsen Dedić was born in Šibenik, in the Littoral Banovina of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia as the second child of Jovan Dedić and Veronika (née Mišković).[2][3][1][4] His father Jovan was ethnic Serb,[1] an Orthodox Christian,[2] while his mother Jelka[4] was Croat[2] who converted from Catholicism to Orthodoxy after marrying Jovan.[3] His father was a bricklayer, volunteer firefighter, and musician, and his mother was an illiterate housewife, whom Arsen later taught. Arsen was baptized in the Orthodox Church under the name Arsenije, after Archbishop Arsenije III Čarnojević.[1] He finished music school. He and his older brother Milutin Dedić left Šibenik for Zagreb and Belgrade, respectively, in 1957.[1] Arsen studied law at Zagreb but dropped out in 1959, enrolling in the Music Academy of Zagreb, receiving a diploma in 1964.

Arsen became a household name in the 1960s, thanks to pop music festivals and his brand of music, which was at first influenced by Dalmatian folklore, but is mostly comparable to the French chanson genre. Throughout the decades Dedić became one of the most respected musicians in former SFR Yugoslavia and maintained this reputation to this day.Dedić died 17 August 2015 in Zagreb, Croatia. He was 77 years old.

Personal life[edit]

Arsen Dedić was married to German-born Croatian pop singer Gabi Novak. Their son Matija Dedić is one of the most respected jazz musicians in Croatia, and has together with Marina a daughter "Lu".[5] They also had a daughter, Sandra.


Albums released on vinyl[edit]

  • Čovjek kao ja (1969)
  • Arsen 2 (1971)
  • Homo Volans (double album) (1973)
  • Vraćam se (1975)
  • Porodično stablo (1976)
  • Arsenal (1976)
  • Otisak autora (1976)
  • Pjesme sa šlagom (1976)
  • Dedić-Golob (1977)
  • Kuća pored mora (instrumentals) (1978)
  • Rimska ploča (1980)
  • Pjevam pjesnike (1980)
  • Naručene pjesme (1980)
  • Gabi i Arsen (1980)
  • Carevo novo ruho (1981)
  • Arsen pjeva djeci (1982)
  • Provincija (1984)
  • Kantautor (double album) (1985)
  • Moje popevke (1986)
  • Kino Sloboda (1987)
  • Arsen & Bora Čorba Unplugged `87 (1987)
  • Hrabri ljudi (Gabi i Arsen) (1988)
  • Glazba za film i TV (1989)
  • Svjedoci priče (1989)

Albums released on CD[edit]

  • Najbolje od Arsena (1991)
  • Tihi obrt (1993)
  • Ko ovo more platit (1995)
  • Ministarstvo (1997) / Ministarstvo straha (2000, 2005)
  • Herbar (1999)
  • Čovjek kao ja (1969/1999)
  • Kino Sloboda (1987/2000)
  • Kinoteka (2002)
  • Homo volans (1973/2003)
  • Imena žena (2003)
  • Na zlu putu (2004)
  • Ministarstvo straha (2006)
  • Rebus (2008)


  • "Brod u Boci" (Croatia Concert, Zagreb, 1971)
  • "Hotel Balkan" (Znanje, Zagreb, 1987)
  • "101 Pjesma" (Svjetlost, Sarajevo, 1989)



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