Arsenal of Megadeth

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Arsenal of Megadeth
Arsenal of Megadeth.jpg
Video by
ReleasedMarch 21, 2006[1]
Recorded1986 - 2005
GenreHeavy metal, thrash metal, hard rock, speed metal
Length150 min[2]
ProducerFlashpoint Films, Michelle Peacock

Arsenal of Megadeth is an anthology of Megadeth's first 20 years. The 2-disc DVD set contains music videos, live performances, interviews, home videos and special appearances. Arsenal of Megadeth is an EMI/Capitol release.[3] Arsenal of Megadeth is certified gold in the United States and platinum in Canada and Argentina.

The writing on the bomb is in Hangul, Korean

  • 메가데스 = Megadeth
  • 병기창 = "Military Bank", "Ordnance Depot", "Arsenal"
  • 메가데스 병기창 = "Arsenal of Megadeth"

A mark of North Korean army is also seen on the upper side of the bomb.

Track listing[edit]

Disc one[edit]

  1. Excerpt from Talk Radio


  1. "Peace Sells" music video
  2. 1986 interview
  3. "Wake Up Dead" music video


  1. Penelope Spheeris Cutting Edge Happy Hour interview
  2. "In My Darkest Hour" music video
  3. So Far, So Good... So What! interview
  4. "Anarchy in the U.K." music video
  5. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" music video


  1. Marty Friedman audition
  2. Rust in Peace TV spot
  3. Clash of the Titans tour, 1990
  4. "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" music video
  5. Excerpt from Headbangers Ball 1991
  6. "Hangar 18" music video
  7. "Go to Hell" music video


  1. Rock the Vote 3 promo clips
  2. Countdown to Extinction TV spot
  3. "Symphony of Destruction" music video
  4. "Symphony of Destruction" edited music video
  5. "Skin o' My Teeth" music video
  6. "High Speed Dirt" music video
  7. "Foreclosure of a Dream" music video
  8. Excerpt from A Day in the Life of Hollywood
  9. "Sweating Bullets" music video

Disc two[edit]


  1. Excerpt from Evolver
  2. "Train of Consequences" music video
  3. Making of the "Train of Consequences" music video
  4. Youthanasia TV spot
  5. 1994 interview
  6. Excerpt from Night of the Living Megadeth
  7. Excerpt from MTV Most Wanted 1995
  8. 1994 interview
  9. "À Tout le Monde" music video
  10. 1994 interview
  11. "Reckoning Day" music video


  1. Cryptic Writings TV spot
  2. "Trust" music video
  3. Making of the "Trust" music video
  4. Cryptic TV
  5. "Almost Honest" music video
  6. "A Secret Place" music video
  7. 1998 interview
  8. Excerpt from The Drew Carey Show 1998


  1. Risk promo
  2. "Insomnia" music video


  1. "Sweating Bullets" live at Gigantour 2005
  2. "Peace Sells" live at Gigantour 2005

(DVD Credits)

  1. Youthanasia album cover shoot