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An arsenical is any compound or any thing related to arsenic.[1]


Here are some examples of arsenicals and common details and uses:

Arsanilic acid[edit]

Acidic compound with a symbol C6H8AsNO3.Used as an anti infection agent.[2] It is one of the 4 arsenical animal drugs approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.Used as a treatment of human trypanosomiasis.


It is an organic compound with chemical formula C11H12AsNO5S2.Used as a chemotherapy device and an agent to prevent filariasis.


Compound that have the ion AsO43-.It occurs in weathering.They are esters of arsenic acid.

Their Kinds[edit]

Arsenic acid

It is an acid which arsenates are part of.Its chemical formula is H3AsO4.Commonly used as wood preservative.


A mineral in the formula Zn2AsO4OH.It is white in its pure form but becomes yellow due to the iron compounds present into it.


Any compound that has an arsenic oxoanion.


A compound that is first used for syphilis treatment in 1910. [3]


It is a compound that causes antibodies when bound to amino acids,proteins and polypeptides.

Cacodylic acid[edit]

It is an acid with symbol (CH3)2AsO2H.It is commonly used as herbicides.


One of the 4 arsenical animal drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Its symbol is C7H9AsN2O4.


A drug with a formula C12H15AsN6OS2.It is used for treatment of human African tripanosomiasis.


Also one of the 4 arsenical animal drugs approved by the U.S Food and Drug administration. Its chemical formula is denoted as C6H6AsNO5.


The 3rd arsenical to be approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration.Its chemical formula is C6AsNH6O6.It is a derivative of phenylarsonic acid.

Arsenic acid's molecular structure

Common Arsenical Acids[edit]

Here are some lists of arsenic acids,their uses and harmful effects:

Acid name Chem.For. Benefits Harmful Effects
Arsenic Acid H3AsO4 Wood Preservation Toxic,harmful to environment
Arsenous Acid H3AsO3 Herbicides & Pesticides Toxic,harmful to environment
Arsanilic Acid C6H8AsNO3 Treatment of human trypanosomiasis Toxic in great amounts and harmful to nature
Cacodylic Acid (CH3)2AsO2H Herbicides Toxic

Common arsenical acids,such as H3AsO3 or commonly known as arsenous acid is toxic when present in great amounts or even small doses.The arsenic acid(H3AsO4) is toxic but useful in wood preservation.



Pure Arsenic[edit]