Arsinoe (Cilicia)

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Arsinoe (Greek: Ἀρσινόη) was an ancient city on the coast of Cilicia between Anemurium and Kelenderis; the site is near the modern city of Bozyazı, Mersin Province, Turkey. Strabo[1] mentions Arsinoe as having a port. William Martin Leake places it at or near the ruined modern castle, called Softa Kalesi (Sokhta Kálesi), just west of Bozyazı, below which is a port, such as Strabo describes at Arsinoe, and a peninsula on the east side of the harbor covered with ruins.[2] This modern site is east of Anemurium, and west of, and near to, Kızil Burnu (Cape Kizliman).[3] The city was founded by Ptolemy Philadelphus and named for Arsinoe II of Egypt, his sister and wife.


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Coordinates: 36°03′36″N 32°34′48″E / 36.0600°N 32.5800°E / 36.0600; 32.5800