Arsk uprising

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Arsk Uprising
Part of Russian Civil War
DateOctober 25 - November 10, 1918
Result Decisive Red Army victory
peasant rebels Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Red Army
Casualties and losses
31 killed
11 wounded

The Arsk uprising (Tatar: Cyrillic Арча фетнәсе, Latin Arça fetnäse) was a Tatar peasant rebellion against the Soviet power in Kazan, Layesh, Mamadysh uyezds of Kazan Governorate. It started on October 25, 1918 as a result of prodrazvyorstka policy. On November 10 rebels took the town of Arsk. Red guards with cannons were sent to suppress the rebellion. On November 15 the rebellion was defeated, 31 rebels were killed, 11 wounded. The participants of the rebellion repaid a contribution to the Soviet power.


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