Arsuf, Hof HaSharon

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Arsuf Aerial View.jpg
Arsuf is located in Central Israel
Coordinates: 32°13′39.36″N 34°51′52.56″E / 32.2276000°N 34.8646000°E / 32.2276000; 34.8646000Coordinates: 32°13′39.36″N 34°51′52.56″E / 32.2276000°N 34.8646000°E / 32.2276000; 34.8646000
District Central
Council Hof HaSharon
Founded 1995
Population (2017)[1] 178

Arsuf (Hebrew: אַרְסוּף‬) is a village in central Israel. Located on the Mediterranean coast near Herzliya, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hof HaSharon Regional Council. It was established in 1995, named after the medieval fortress city of Arsuf located nearby. In 2017 its population was 178.[1] It is a luxury village inhabited by residents of high socioeconomic status.

Arsuf is an exclusive, cliff-top village overlooking the Mediterranean. It has two neighborhoods composed of villas, typically 200 to 500 square meters in size. About 65% of the homes have five or more rooms, with the rest having four or three. Homes in Arsuf are among the most expensive in Israel. All buildings in Arsuf are private residences, with no public buildings or businesses. The village has public tennis and basketball courts, a pétanque court, children's playground, and a botanical garden. The cliff-tops, an adjacent national park, and secluded beach area directly below offer a variety of jogging and biking trails. There is no public transport to and from the village, and it is guarded by a private security firm. Residents typically travel to nearby cities such as Herzliya, Tel Aviv, and Netanya for shopping, dining and entertainment, and the children attend schools in a variety of nearby communities, as Arsuf has no educational institutions of its own.[2][3]

Notable residents include Israeli business magnates Idan Ofer (until 2013), Beny Steinmetz (part-time),[4] and Bebo Kobo and his wife Miri Bohadana.[5]


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