Artūras Barysas

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Arturas Barysas

Artūras Barysas "Baras" (May 10, 1954 – January 28, 2005) was a Lithuanian "counter-culture" actor, singer, photographer, and filmmaker, known as the father of modern Lithuanian avant-garde.

His works were declared "apolitical and immoral" by the cultural nomenklatura of the Soviet Union.

He was a vocalist of an avant-garde band I.V.T.K.Y.G.Y.G. (Ir Visa Tai Kas Yra Gražu Yra Gražu, "And Everything That Is Beautiful, Is Beautiful"). Arturas Barysas become the main character (Magas) in Robertas Kundrotas and Algimantas Lyva novel "Pasviręs pasaulis" (1995).

Three of his works received Bronze awards in the Eurofilmgorum Scandinavia 2003 amateur films festival.



  • 1982: Two People in a Forest
  • 1981: Essay (with Janis Strenge, B/W 16 mm on mini-dv 10min)
  • 1981: B & C
  • 1980: He Is Wanted
  • 1979: Her Love
  • 1978: Snow
  • 1977: That Sweet Word
  • 1975: Those who don’t know should ask those who know
  • 1973: Victims Of Fashion