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Art. Lebedev Studio
Industry Internet
Founded 1995
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Key people
Artemy Lebedev

Art. Lebedev Studio is a design company in Russia, founded in 1995 by Artemy Lebedev.

The studio creates industrial and graphic design for commercial entities and doesn't accept work from private citizens and political or religious organizations. Its motto is "Design will save the world." As of November 2011, they had five principal art directors and over 100 employees. The Studio’s headquarters is situated in Moscow, and there are offices in Kiev and New York.[1][2]

Art. Lebedev Studio is owned by the holding company Art. Lebedev Group (ALG), which owns several other design and advertising companies.[citation needed]

History and work[edit]

The studio began with graphic design, then expanded to include interfaces, web design, and most recently industrial design. It has an educational center, a publishing house, a media department, and several software teams. In 2011, Russian advertising research company AdMe called them the leading web studio in Russia.[3]


The studio's official website is available in Russian and English. The Russian version of the site has technical advice in HTML, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS and other web technologies. The site is typeset as if it were a printed book; for example, punctuation marks and characters which extend to the left (Ф, О, Т, V, т and several others) are rendered several pixels to the left when they are at the beginning of a line.[4]

Design work[edit]

Art. Lebedev Studio produced the design for Russian search engine Yandex, financial group Alfa-Bank, the news sites Lenta.Ru and Gazeta.Ru and Russian promotional websites for Microsoft and Intel.[5]

They designed the Optimus Maximus keyboard, with customizable Organic light-emitting diode displays on every key,[6] and the Just5 Brick mobile phone.[7] They also won a public vote for the best redesign of the Moscow Metro map, in 2013.

See also[edit]

  • Parser, a web scripting language developed by the studio for its web projects and released as free software.


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