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Art Academy of Latvia
Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija
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RectorKristaps Zariņš
O.Kalpaka bulvāris 13 LV - 1867
, ,
Building on Krišjānis Valdemārs Street.

The Art Academy of Latvia (Latvian: Latvijas Mākslas akadēmija) is an institution of higher education and scientific research in art, located in Riga, Latvia. The neo-Gothic brick building is located on Krišjānis Valdemārs Street, next to the National Museum of Art.[1][2]



The Academy has 5 faculties:[3]

  • Faculty of Visual Arts (2D)
  • Department of Painting
  • Department of Graphic Art
  • Department of Textile Art
  • Department of Drawing
  • Faculty of Visual Plastic Arts (3D)
  • Department of Sculpture
  • Department of Ceramics
  • Department of Glass Art
  • Faculty of Design
  • Department of Functional Design
  • Department of Environmental Art
  • Department of Metal Design
  • Department of Fashion Design
  • Faculty of Audio-Visual Media Art
  • Department of Visual Communication
  • Department "Motion. Image. Sound"
  • Department of Stage Design
  • Faculty of Art History
  • Department of Art History and Theory
  • Department of Restoration
  • Department of Humanities

Latgale Branch[edit]

The Academy has a branch in Latgale located in Rēzekne.

Notable alumni[edit]


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