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The Art Collection of the Foundation of Reggio Emilia Saving Bank – Pietro Manodori or (collezione d'arte della Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Reggio Emilia Pietro Manodori) is a small, but publicly exhibited collection of artists mainly from the region, specially concentrating in works from the 17th century, the Baroque period when the local artist community, along with the Bolognese school of painters, had gained prominence. Collecting by this financial house began in earnest in the mid-1990s.

The collection was collected by Cassa di Risparmio di Reggio Emilia, which was absorbed into UniCredit. However, the art collection was owned by the former owner of the bank instead, the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Reggio Emilia Pietro Manodori (Fondazione Manodori in short).


Label Painter Span Work Link
1 Studio of Federico Barocci late 16th century Stigmata of St. Francis
2 Carlo Bononi 1569–1632 Allegory of spiritual power (sketch for Basilica della Ghiara)
3 Ludovico Carracci 1555–1619 Onfale
4 Girolamo Donnini 1681–1743 Massacre of the Innocents
5 Girolamo Donnini 1681–1743 Sacrifice of Jephte
6 Luca Ferrari 1605–1654 Jove and Semele
7 Antonio Fontanesi 1818–1882 Terrace and garden by lake (1845)
8 Antonio Fontanesi 1818–1882 Hermit’s cave after the storm (1845
9 Antonio Fontanesi 1818–1882 The waterfall (1845)
10 Marcantonio Franceschini 1648–1729 Delphic sybil
11 Giovanni Lanfranco 1582–1647 Alexander and his Doctor
12 Giovanni Lanfranco 1582–1647 Alexander refuses water from his soldiers
13 Cristoforo Munari 1667–1720 Still life with cabbage, prosciutto, pumpkin, terracotta and piatto with knife
14 Cristoforo Munari 1667–1720 Still life with Jewel box, flower vase, teapot, water jug, cups and saucer, Chinese porcelain, books on a table covered from red table cloth
15 Cristoforo Munari 1667–1720 Still life with steak, chicken and pewter pot
16 Cristoforo Munari 1667–1720 Allegory of art,architecture, painting, sculpture, music, & poetry (Still-life with wall, ewer, relief of emperor, books, musical notations, mandola, flute, brush & palette)
17 Camillo Procaccini 1550–1629 Crown of thorns placed on Christ
18 Alessandro Tiarini 1577–1688 Tamar and Judith
19 Alessandro Tiarini 1577–1688 Vulcan tempers the arrows of cupid

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