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Art Style is a video game series created by skip Ltd. for WiiWare and DSiWare. The first game in the Art Style series, Orbient, was released for WiiWare in September 2008. Another two Art Style games, Cubello and Rotohex, were released during October 2008[1] while two more were added in 2010. Seven DSiWare Art Style games were released on that service after its launch in Japan in December 2008,[2] with the first two being Aquario and Decode.[3]

According to Nintendo, games in the Art Style series emphasize "elegant design, polished graphics, and pick-up-and-play controls" that create "an experience focused purely on fun and engaging game play."[4] WiiWare titles released in the series cost 600 Nintendo Points, while DSiWare titles cost 500 points.[2]

Art Style was preceded by a series of seven similarly simple games for the Game Boy Advance called bit Generations. The bit Generations series came late in the life of the system and was subsequently never released in Western territories, however some of those games have since been released as Art Style games.


Name Platform bit Generations
North America Japan Europe/PAL
"Aquia" "Aquario" "Aquite" DSiWare N/A
"Base 10" "Decode" "Code" DSiWare N/A
"Boxlife" "Hacolife" "Boxlife" DSiWare N/A
"Cubello" "Cubeleo" "Cubello" WiiWare N/A
"Digidrive" "Digidrive" "Intersect" DSiWare "Digidrive"
"Light Trax" "Lightstream" "Light Trax" WiiWare "Dotstream"
"Orbient" "Orbital" "Orbient" WiiWare "Orbital"
"Pictobits" "Picopict" "Picopict" DSiWare N/A
"Precipice" "nalaku" "Kubos" DSiWare N/A
"Rotohex" "Dialhex" "Rotohex" WiiWare "Dialhex"
"Rotozoa" "Penta Tentacles" "Penta Tentacles" WiiWare N/A
"Zengage" "Somnium" "Nemrem" DSiWare N/A


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