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Art Supawatt Purdy

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Art Supawatt Purdy
ศุภวัฒน์ อ่ำประสิทธิ์
Supawatt Aumprasit

(1974-09-01) 1 September 1974 (age 49)[1]
Bangkok, Thailand
Other names
  • Art Supawatt
  • Art Purdy
  • Supawatt Aumprasit
Art (อาร์ท)
EducationBachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Florida State University
  • Actor
  • Singer
  • Model
  • Television Presenter
  • YouTuber
Years active1994–present
Known for
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Musical career
LabelsWarner Music Thailand
WebsiteOfficial website

Art Supawatt Purdy (born Supawatt Aumprasit (Thai: ศุภวัฒน์ อ่ำประสิทธิ์), on September 1, 1974,[1] in Bangkok, Thailand) is a Thai-American actor, singer, model and television host.[2] Fluent in both English and Thai, Purdy acted in the leading role in several Thai language television mini-series (lakhon) before starting his singing career in 2003.[3]


At the age of 14, Purdy moved to America to live with his parents in Fort Walton Beach, Florida enrolling at Fort Walton Beach High School[2] and then Florida State University completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering.[4] He then enrolled in a master's course with the ambition of joining NASA.[5] However, in the second semester, he left his course and heeded a friend's advice to try modelling in New York City and signed to Storm Model Management.[5] He has described his time in New York City as 'the time of my life'[5] and 'appearing in Vogue' as the proudest moment in his life.[6]

At the end of 1995, after being told of modelling opportunities in Thailand, he returned there[5][7] and began modelling for magazines, runways and commercials.[8] His break came in 1997 when he was chosen for a TV commercial for 'Hunter Whiskey'.[5]


His first acting role was in a feature film called Suea Chon Phan Suea in 1998.[9] He followed this with the leading role in three television mini-series in 1999 called Petch Ta Maeow (Thai: เพชรตาแมว), Sapan Dao (Thai: สะพานดาว) and Peang Kare Jai Rao Rak Gun (Thai: เพียงแค่ใจเรารักกัน).[10]

In 2003, he signed a recording contract with Warner Music Thailand and released his first solo album Art of Love.[2][11] After the launch of his CD, Purdy quit acting and began performing for Thai fans in cities around the world in many series of concert tours to Japan, USA and Europe.[3]

In 2008, Purdy recorded three new songs, a cover version of a Southern gospel classic and two re-recorded new versions of the songs from his album Art of Love, to be included in the soundtrack of English Director Thomas Clay's film Soi Cowboy. The three new tracks included the theme song Where We'll Never Grow Old (Never Grow Old),[12] an uptempo version of Yaak Euie Wa Ruk (Thai: อยากเอ่ยว่ารัก) and a live-like recording of Yar Ton Eak Leoy (Thai: อย่าทนอีกเลย).[13] At the 61st Cannes film festival, Soi Cowboy was selected for Un Certain Regard Award consideration,[14][15] and for his effort on the soundtrack, Purdy received the same honor in the music category.[16][3][17][18]

In 2016, after almost 14 years absence from television, Purdy returned to primetime playing a treasure hunter with paranoid schizophrenia in the mini-series Thong Sip directed by Chalong Pakdeevijit.[3] Since then, Purdy acted in two consecutive mini-series directed by Chalong Pakdeevijit, namely Tulip Thong and Por Ta Peun Toe, Part 2.

In 2019, Purdy reunited with the director who gave him his first leading role in Petch Ta Maeow, Nirattisai Kaljaruek,[3] in the remake of the 1989 controversial mini-series called Sarawat Yai.[19] Based on a true story of a real life Thai policeman,[20][21] Sarawat Yai marked the first time Purdy has played the role of a leading villain, the corrupted Pol Maj Gen Anek.[22] His performance earned him the Nagaraj Awards for Best Multitalented Actor of the Year (2019).[23]



Year Work Role Distributed by Notes
1998 Crime Kings
(Suea Chon Phan Suea)
Suea Pao Five Star Production
2008 Soi Cowboy Himself De Warren Pictures Un Certain Regard Selection Credited as Music by Art Supawatt[16]
2012 The Mark Jock Pure Flix Entertainment


Year Title English Title Role With Channel Note
1999 Petch Ta Maeow[24] (Thai: เพชรตาแมว)[10] "DiamondEye Cat" Captain Khongyot Worarat Suwannarat CH 5 Leading role
1999 Sapan Dao (Thai: สะพานดาว)[10] "Starbridge" Chak Sririta Jensen CH 7 Leading role
1999 Peang Kare Jai Rao Rak Gun (Thai: เพียงแค่ใจเรารักกัน)[10] Nitti Nusaba Wanichangkul (Noos) CH 5 Leading role
2000 Khu Rak Khu Rob (Thai: คู่รัก คู่รบ) Claudia Chakrapan CH 5 Leading role
2000 Hua Jai Song Park (Thai: หัวใจสองภาค) Don Sara Malakul Lane CH 7 Leading role
2000 Sano Ban Chao Khadkhao Ban Yen (Thai: โสนบานเช้า คัดเค้าบานเย็น) Ann Siream CH 7 Leading role
2001 Fai Kammathep (Thai: ไฟกามเทพ) "Fire of Desire" Kenneth Ning Kulasathree CH 3 Leading role
2002 Khon Rerng Muang (Thai: คนเริงเมือง) Bunchuai Mai Charoenpura CH 5 Leading role
2016 Thong Sip (Thai: ทอง 10)[25][3] "Gold 10" John CH 7 Supporting role
2017 Tulip Thong (Thai: ทิวลิปทอง)[3] "Goldentulip" Marko CH 7 Uncredited cameo
2018 Por Ta Peun Toh 2 (Thai: พ่อตาปืนโต 2: หลานข้าใครอย่าแตะ) "The Big Gun" Mr. John CH 7
2019 Sarawat Yai (Thai: สารวัตรใหญ่) "The Law Enforcement" Pol.Maj.Gen. Anake CH 7
2020 Khon Nuea Khon (Thai: คนเหนือฅน) "Topman" Michael CH 7
2020 Sombat Mahaheng (Thai: สมบัติมหาเฮง) "The Lost Treasure" John CH 7
2021 Plone Loy Fha (Thai: ปล้นลอยฟ้า) "Skyraider" Mr. Lucky CH 7
2022 Hoop Phaya Suea (Thai: หุบพญาเสือ) "Outlaw Justice"[26] Carter CH 7 Premieres Apr. 8, 2022
2023 Kan Song Pandin (Thai: แคนสองแผ่นดิน) "The Mekong Connection" Mark CH 7
2023 Morakod Si Rung (Thai: มรกตสีรุ้ง) Dr. Ford CH 7 Currently in Production


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