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Art Zoyd is a French band formed in 1968, mixing free jazz, progressive rock and avant-garde electronica.

Like other members of the Rock in Opposition movement, Art Zoyd fuses progressive rock and jazz with contemporary classical music. Like fellow RIO member Univers Zéro, they are also influenced by French Zeuhl bands such as Magma. Today, Art Zoyd is best described as an electronic music group and works primarily for film and ballet. Gérard Hourbette assures the artistic direction while working occasionally with other composers/performers: Kasper T. Toeplitz, Carl Faia, André Serre-Milan, etc.

Art Zoyd is also a studio, based in Valenciennes, for the research, development and creation of new works by invited composers, as well as a number of pedagogical activities most notably, from 2005, a unique approach for teaching electro-acoustic composition led by Carl Faia and André Serre-Milan.

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