Art competitions at the 1912 Summer Olympics

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Art competitions were held as part of the 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. It was the first time that art competitions were part of the Olympic program. Medals were awarded in five categories (architecture, literature, music, painting, and sculpture), for works inspired by sport-related themes.

Art competitions were part of the Olympic program from 1912 to 1948, but were discontinued due to concerns about amateurism and professionalism. Since 1952, a non-competitive art and cultural festival has been associated with each Games.

Medal summary[edit]

Category Gold Silver Bronze
Architecture  Eugène-Edouard Monod and Alphonse Laverrière (SUI)
Building plan of a modern stadium
none awarded none awarded
Literature  Pierre de Frédy, Baron de Coubertin[1] (FRA)
"Ode to Sport"
none awarded none awarded
Music  Riccardo Barthelemy (ITA)
"Olympic Triumphal March"
none awarded none awarded
Painting  Giovanni Pellegrini (ITA)
Three connected friezes representing "Winter Sports"
none awarded none awarded
Sculpture  Walter Winans (USA)
Bronze statuette "An American trotter"
 Georges Dubois (FRA)
Model of the entrance to a modern stadium
none awarded
  1. ^ de Coubertin's entry was submitted by the pseudonym of "Georges Hohrod" and "Martin Eschbach" from Germany.

Medal table[edit]

At the time, medals were awarded to these artists, but art competitions are no longer regarded as official Olympic events by the International Olympic Committee. These events do not appear in the IOC medal database,[1] and these totals are not included in the IOC's medal table for the 1912 Games.[2]

1 Italy (ITA)2002
2 France (FRA)1102
3  Switzerland (SUI)1001
 United States (USA)1001
Totals (4 nations)5106


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