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Art cycling in Millstatt (German: "KUNSTradln in Millstatt") is an international art exhibition in Millstatt am See (Carinthia/Austria). It takes the form of various art stations throughout Millstatt connected by a cycle route.

Concept and organization[edit]

The exhibition debuts 2018 from May 11 to October 28, and will be repeated in the following years. It has 25 stops at various locations in the community of Millstatt. These art stations form a loop through Millstatt, which can be visited by art-interested visitors, either walking or cycling the trail (hence the name "Art cycling in Millstatt"). Works by approximately 65 internationally known artists from Austria, Germany, United States, Switzerland, Croatia, Poland, Greece, South Korea and Guatemala are connected in the exhibition.

For the first time, this exhibition concept also combines the various existing art and cultural institutions in Millstatt in a joint program. In addition, the concept opens up a number of new and sometimes unusual places in Millstatt as a presentation opportunity for modern art.[1]

The access to modern art at art museums, art exhibitions and art galleries is often characterized by the fact that only an art-interested and art-oriented audience is able or wanting to participate.[2] The project "Art cycling in Millstatt" provides a low-threshold mediating of art as follows:

  1. by giving access over a long period (6 months)
  2. by using Millstatt as a whole as art space for residents and guests alike
  3. by inviting a non-predefined art audience to participate, including randomly passing people (and cyclists too), who can and may come into contact with art in this way.[3]

Stations and artists[edit]

There are 25 stations and 65 artists represented at the project.[4]


  • Eight stations are located in the former Millstatt abbey, using the Romanesque cloister and cloistered courtyard, the monastery museum, the Renaissance arcades, the former castle of the Grand Master of the Knights of Saint George with the new "Lindenhof Gallery", or the monastery garden.
  • Six stations can be found in the centre of Millstatt, using the town hall, the congress centre Millstatt, and several old bourgeois houses as exhibition points.
  • Eleven stations include the lakeside of lake Millstatt, with several sculptures at the lakefront park and promenade, and presenting art in some hotels and restaurants along the lake.


The artists are representing several areas of contemporary visual arts:


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