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Arta Musaraj is the founder and editor-in-chief of Academicus,[1] an academic journal published in English in Albania,[2] and general coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Training Center,[3][4] an initiative of Southeast Europe Enterprise Development, International Finance Corporation, and the World Bank.

Since 1996, she has been lecturer in Business Administration and Communication at several universities.

According to INA - News, "she has been the first female rector in the whole history of higher education in Albania".[5]

She has been awarder as "Honorary Citizen of Vlora Region" 2013, "Protagonist of Vlore City 2010" awarded by the Municipality of Vlora.[6][7] "Gratitude of Vlora City" [8] awarded by the Municipality of Vlora in 2012 and received the award "The Name in Science 2012" [9][10] by the Socrates Committee[11] Oxford, UK.

From January to September 2013 Musaraj[12] has been Deputy Defence Minister of the Republic of Albania.

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