Artabanus III of Parthia

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Artabanus III
Arsaces, Great King
Coin of Artabanus III of Parthia (cropped), Seleucia mint.jpg
Coin of Artabanus III, minted at Seleucia in 80/1.
Rival Parthian king
Reign79/80 – 81
PredecessorPacorus II
SuccessorPacorus II
FatherVologases I

Artabanus III (Parthian: 𐭍𐭐𐭕𐭓 Ardawān), incorrectly known in older scholarship as Artabanus IV,[1] was a Parthian prince who competed against his brother Pacorus II (r. 78–110) for the Parthian crown from 79/80 to 81.[1] Artabanus III's claim to the throne seems to have little support in the Parthian Empire, with the exception of Babylonia.[1] Artabanus III's most notable action was to give refuge to a Pseudo-Nero named Terentius Maximus.[2][1] Artabanus III initially agreed to lend military aid to Terentius Maximus to capture Rome, until he found about the real identity of the impostor.[2] Coin mints of Artabanus III disappear after 81, which suggests that Pacorus II had defeated him.[1]


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Artabanus III of Parthia
Preceded by
Pacorus II
Parthian king
Succeeded by
Pacorus II