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Artavasdes is the Hellenized form of the Iranian name Artavazhda. Variant renderings in Greek include Artabazos, Artabazes, Artabazanes and Artabasdos; in Armenian Artavazd; and in Latin Ardabastus or Artabasdus.

People with this name include:

Persian satraps[edit]

Kings and emperors[edit]

Media Atropatene[edit]


  • Artavasdes I (died 115 BC), King of Armenia
  • Artavasdes II (died 31 BC), King of Armenia 53 BC to 34 BC
  • Artavasdes III, King of Armenia and Media Atropatene from AD 4 to 6, also known as Artavasdes II of Media Atropatene
  • Artavasdes IV, King of Armenia from 252 until 287


Byzantine empire[edit]

  • Artabasdos (died 743), Byzantine Emperor of Constantinople who died in 743