Artavasdes I of Armenia

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Artavasdes I of Armenia
Artavazd A.jpg
Artavazd, King of Armenia
King of Armenia
Reign 159 BC – 123 BC
Predecessor Artaxias I
Successor Tigranes I
Born 187 BC
Died 115 BC
Dynasty Artaxiad Dynasty
Father Artaxias I
Mother Satenik

Artavasdes I of Armenia (also called Artavazd, Armenian: Արտավազդ Առաջին) reigned as King of Armenia from 159 BC to 123 BC and was the son of Artaxias I and Satenik.

Artavasdes repelled several attempts by Parthians to invade Armenia but was eventually defeated by Mithridates, who annexed parts of Eastern Armenia and took his son, Tigranes the Great as hostage.

According to Professor Cyril Toumanoff, Artavasdes I can be identified with the Armenian king who, according to the medieval Georgian annals, interfered in Iberia at the request of local nobility and installed his son, Artaxias, on the throne of Iberia, thereby inaugurating the Iberian Artaxiad dynasty.[1]


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Artavasdes I of Armenia
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Artaxias I
King of Armenia
159 BC – 123 BC
Succeeded by
Tigranes I