Artavasdes I of Armenia

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Artavasdes I
King of Armenia
Reign159 BC – 115 BC
PredecessorArtaxias I
SuccessorTigranes I
Died115 BC
IssueArtaxias I of Iberia
Tigranes II (?)
FatherArtaxias I

Artavasdes I (also spelled Artawazd, Armenian: Արտավազդ Առաջին) was the Artaxiad king of Armenia from 159 BC to 115 BC. He was the son and successor of Artaxias I.

Artavasdes' name is the Latin attestation of an Old Iranian name Ṛtavazdā, identical to the Avestan Ašavazdah, presumably meaning "powerful/persevering through truth".[1] In c. 120 BC, the Parthian king Mithridates II (r. 124–91 BC) defeated Artavasdes I and made him acknowledge Parthian suzerainty.[2] Artavasdes was forced to give the Parthians Tigranes as a hostage, who was either his son or nephew.[2][3]

According to Professor Cyril Toumanoff, Artavasdes I can be identified with the Armenian king who, according to the medieval Georgian annals, interfered in Iberia at the request of local nobility and installed his son, Artaxias, on the throne of Iberia, thereby inaugurating the Iberian Artaxiad dynasty.[4]


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Artavasdes I of Armenia
Preceded by King of Armenia
159 BC – 115 BC
Succeeded by