Artaxias (son of Tiran of Armenia)

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Artaxias (Armenian: Արտաշես, flourished 4th century, died before 350) was a Prince from the Arsacid dynasty of Armenia.

Artaxias was the first child born to the Roman Client King of Armenia, Tiran[1] (Tigranes VII) who reigned from 339 until 350 by an unnamed wife and was the oldest brother of his father’s successor, Arsaces II (Arshak II). Artaxias was the namesake of the previous ruling Kings of Armenia and Iberia who had this name, see Artaxias. Little is known on the life of Artaxias.

He appeared to have died, before the Sassanid King Shapur II with his army invaded Armenia; had captured his family; held them as political hostages[2][3] which they were later released through Armenian and Roman intervention. Artaxias married an unnamed woman by whom he had a son called Tirit.[4]