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Artefact (company)
Industry Interaction design, industrial design, software engineering, user research
Founded 2006
Founder Gavin Kelly, Rob Girling
Headquarters Seattle, United States
Area served

Artefact is a technology product design company based in Seattle, Washington. Founded by designers, Gavin Kelly and Rob Girling in 2006, Artefact designs and builds[1] technology products and services.

Design and client work[edit]

Artefact works with companies and organizations that utilize technology in their own offerings. The company offers industrial design, interaction design, software engineering, concept development and prototyping, user research and product strategy services and consulting. Current and former clients include Tableau Software, Samsung, Amazon, Physio-Control, HTC, Microsoft, PATH, Sonos, Lytro, Hyundai, VICIS.

Concept work[edit]

Artefact designs and develops concepts and prototypes such as the WVIL Camera (Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens),[2] the SWYP printer (See What You Print), the Serenity Home Energy Management System,[3] and the Seattle Children’s Patient Information System.[4] In November 2013, the company released Juice Box, an open energy system concept based on an idea by Bill Gates.[5]

Artefact products[edit]

In 2012, Artefact spun off[6] a sister company, Artefact Product Group, to develop and market 10,000ft suite of solutions for creative and product teams.


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