Artel of Artists

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Artel of Artists (1863-1864) (l-r) Venig, Zhuravlev, Morozov, Lemokh, Kramskoi, Litovchenko, Makovsky, Dmitriev-Orenburgsky, Petrov, Kreitan, Peskov, Shustov, Korzukhin, Grigoryev

Artel of Artists (Russian: «Арте́ль худо́жников») was a cooperative association (artel) and a commune of democratically-minded artists headed by Ivan Kramskoi. It was established in 1863 after some of its future organisers had been expelled from the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts because of the "revolt of fourteen". In rebellion against the Academy's annual competition, the students refused to paint an exam picture on the given topic.

A number of members of the Artel later became Peredvizhniks.