Artemije Radosavljević

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Artemije Radosavljević
Артемије Радосављевић.jpg
Church Serbian Orthodox Church
Diocese Eparchy of Raška and Prizren
Predecessor Pavle
Successor Teodosije Šibalić
Personal details
Birth name Marko Radosavljević
Born (1935-01-15) 15 January 1935 (age 83)
Lelić, Kingdom of Yugoslavia
Denomination Serbian Orthodox Christian

Artemije Radosavljević (Serbian Cyrillic: Артемије Радосављевић; born 15 January 1935) was a Serbian Orthodox bishop who served as the head of the Eparchy of Raška and Prizren from 1991 until 2010.[1]


Bishop Artemije was born as Marko Radosavljević in the village of Lelić (the same village that St. Nikolaj Velimirović was born in). In his youth, he met St. Justin Popović who was living in the Ćelije Monastery at the time. After finishing theology school, St. Justin received him as a monk on November 20, 1960 to the Ćelije Monastery.

Upon graduating from the University of Belgrade Faculty of Orthodox Theology, he signed up for graduate school in Athens where he successfully defended his doctoral thesis with the topic titled The Secret of Salvation According to Saint Maximus the Confessor. He then retired to the Crna Reka Monastery where he spent the next thirteen years.

He was chosen as Bishop of the Eparchy of Raška and Prizren in May 1991 to replace Pavle who had been the Bishop of that eparchy before enthronement as Patriarch.

Upon Joe Biden's visit to Serbia, Bishop Artemije did not give his blessing for Biden to visit the Visoki Dečani monastery. Artemije wrote and published a strongly worded letter titled Dečani and Bondsteel – first Tadić now Biden but the Holy Assembly of Bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church denounced the decision and publicly expressed regret that Artemije made that decision.