Artemis Chasma

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Artemis Chasma
Artemis Corona.jpg
the near-circular trough of Artemis Chasma
Feature type Chasma
Coordinates 35°S 135°E / 35°S 135°E / -35; 135Coordinates: 35°S 135°E / 35°S 135°E / -35; 135
Diameter 2,600 km
Eponym Artemis

The Artemis Chasma is the nearly circular fracture in Venus's surface which almost encloses Artemis Corona. The chasma and its associating corona can be found on the Aphrodite Terra continent, at Latitude 35° South, Longitude 135° East.

It is named after the Artemis, the Greek virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon, the hills, the forest, birth, virginity, and fertility, who carries a bow and arrow.

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