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Artemis Eternal
Teaser Poster for Artemis Eternal
Directed byJessica Mae Stover
Written byScreenplay:
Jessica Mae Stover

Artemis Eternal is an upcoming sci-fi fantasy short film being produced independently by director Jessica Mae Stover.[1] The cross-platform web experience and other design elements for the film are created by artist Greg Martin, who frequently collaborates on Stover's projects.[2]

Artemis Eternal is being funded differently from most movies and many short films. Artemis Eternal is not sponsored or backed by any Hollywood studio. Instead, the film is being supported by a method called "Crowd-Funding".[3] As of April 28, 2008, $40,000 out of the necessary $150,000 for Artemis Eternal has been raised.[4] Both Jessica Mae Stover and actor Todd Soley appeared in person at Comic-Con International, San Diego multiple times to promote the project.[5]

Filmmaking principles[edit]

The project stands for making independent, artistic yet commercially viable movies independent of toys, TV shows and other products studios base films on and collect their profits from.[6][7] Stover reports that movies have exclusively become commercials and licensing platforms and that, in response, the way Artemis Eternal is produced challenges issues of media control, media consolidation and monopolies of knowledge that have created poor cinema product and experience. The project, therefore, is meant to open and inspire new possibilities and thinking in the film business model via leading by example.[1][8]


Filmmaker Jessica Mae Stover pictured with one of The Wingmen

Individuals who contribute to the film are inducted into The Artemis Eternal Wingmen. Names and websites of Wingmen can be found on the official site map experience and in the credits for the film.[9]

Wingmen work with Stover and the project team on ancillary projects and are responsible for boosting the press and attention Artemis Eternal has received in the online world and at conventions.[1] They often appear on camera and news with the filmmaker.[2]

Awards and nominations[edit]

WebVisionary Award Winner[10]


Spring 2011 it was announced that renowned film and graphic novel artist Christopher Shy would create concept art for the film.[11]

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