Artemis Records

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Artemis Records
Artemis Records logo.gif
Parent companyMNRK Music Group
FoundedJune 1999 (1999-06)
FounderDanny Goldberg
DefunctJanuary 2007 (2007-01)
GenrePop, alternative, rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationNew York City

Artemis Records was a New York-based independent record label, founded in June 1999 by Danny Goldberg with Daniel Glass as President,[1][2][3] and closed in April 2006. The label was acquired by E1 Entertainment.

Artemis had a leading share of the U.S. independent label market from 2001 to 2003. It released the last three albums of Warren Zevon's career including the Grammy-winning The Wind,[4] five albums by Steve Earle including his Grammy winner The Revolution Starts Now,[5] as well as gold albums by Kittie, Kurupt and Khia. Artemis also released the triple-platinum album Who Let the Dogs Out by the Baha Men, as well as albums by The Pretenders, Rickie Lee Jones Josh Joplin and Jimmie Vaughan.

As of 2006, Artemis Records was owned by Sheridan Square Entertainment LLC (SSE), an independent music company then based in New York. SSE's label group included Artemis Records, Artemis Classics, Vanguard Classics, Triloka Records, Tone-Cool Records, Ropeadope and Compendia (including Light Records).[6] As well as those listed above, its artists included the Rosewood Thieves. SSE also owned the distribution company Musicrama.

In November 2005, Richard Branson sold the North America division of his V2 Records label to SSE for $15 million. Sheridan Square then merged all of its labels, including Artemis Records, into V2 North America.[7] V2 North America, and subsequently Artemis, was shuttered in January 2007 following a restructuring.[8][9] In 2009, the newly formed IndieBlu Music Holdings LLC acquired SSE's business, including V2 North America, in a UCC foreclosure auction. IndieBlu was acquired by Entertainment One in 2010.[6][10][11]



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