Artemis Tauropolos

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O: bare head of Augustus


R: Artemis Tauropolos riding bull


bronze coin struck by Augustus in Amphipolis 31 - 27 BC; ref.: RPC 1626

Artemis Tauropolos, in ancient Greece, was an epithet for the goddess Artemis, variously interpreted as "worshipped at Tauris", "pulled by a yoke of bulls", or "hunting bull goddess". A statue of Artemis "Tauropolos" in her temple at Brauron in Attica was supposed to have been brought from the Taurians by Iphigenia. Tauropolia was also a festival of Artemis in Athens.

There was a Tauropolion, a temple in a temenos sacred to Artemis Tauropolos, in the north Aegean island of Doliche (now Ikaria).

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