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In anatomy, arterial tree is used to refer to all arteries and/or the branching pattern of the arteries. This article regards the human arterial tree. Starting from the aorta:

Ascending aorta[edit]

(Branches to right coronary artery and left coronary artery. Click link for more info)

right coronary artery[edit]

left coronary artery[edit]

Aortic arch[edit]

brachiocephalic artery[edit]

left common carotid artery (directly from arch of aorta on left mostly)[edit]

internal carotid artery[edit]

external carotid artery[edit]

Left subclavian artery (directly from arch of aorta on left)[edit]

vertebral artery[edit]

internal thoracic artery[edit]

thyrocervical trunk[edit]

costocervical trunk[edit]

Axillary artery[edit]

Brachial artery[edit]

Thoracic aorta[edit]

Abdominal aorta[edit]

inferior phrenic[edit]


superior mesenteric[edit]

middle suprarenal[edit]


Anterior and posterior[edit]

interlobar artery[edit]



inferior mesenteric[edit]

median sacral[edit]

common iliac[edit]

Common iliac arteries[edit]

internal iliac artery[edit]

Anterior division[edit]

Posterior division[edit]

external iliac artery[edit]

Popliteal artery[edit]

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