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ArtEZ Institute of the Arts (Dutch: ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten) is a Dutch vocational university with branches in Arnhem, Enschede, and Zwolle. In its name the A stands for Arnhem, the E for Enschede, and Z for Zwolle. The main campus is in Arnhem.


ArtEZ has divisions in the following subjects in the following locations:

  • Fine Art - Arnhem, Enschede
  • Graphic Design - Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle
  • Fashion Design - Arnhem
  • Creative writing - Arnhem
  • Music - Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle
  • Dance - Arnhem
  • Theatre - Arnhem
  • Architecture & Interior - Arnhem, Zwolle
  • Education in art - Arnhem, Enschede, Zwolle
  • Interaction Design - Arnhem

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