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Arthrocentesis, or joint aspiration, is the clinical procedure of using a syringe to collect synovial fluid from a joint capsule.[1] Arthrocentesis is used in the diagnosis of gout, arthritis, and synovial infections such as septic arthritis.[1]



Arthrocentesis is used to diagnose a variety of nontraumatic joint diseases.[2] Samples of synovial fluid can be taken for a variety of tests, such as a complete blood count, C-reactive protein test, and measuring erythrocyte sedimentation rate.[3] Tests for infection can be performed with synovial fluid, so blood cultures may also be taken.[2][4] These can be used to diagnose arthritis.[5]

Pain relief[edit]

Arthrocentesis can be used to directly infuse anti-inflammatory medications into joints.[2] This is particularly useful for rheumatoid arthritis.[2][5]


Contraindications from arthrocentesis are rare. The most common complication occurs when the syringe needle is inserted into an area of cellulitis, potentially transferring microorganisms from the skin to the joint.[4][6]

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