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Arthroleptis wahlbergii.jpg
Arthroleptis wahlbergii
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Amphibia
Order: Anura
Family: Arthroleptidae
Subfamily: Arthroleptinae
Genus: Arthroleptis
Smith, 1849
Type species
Arthroleptis wahlbergii
Smith, 1849
About 47 species (see text)

Schoutedenella De Witte, 1921

Arthroleptis is a genus of frogs in the family Arthroleptidae found in tropical sub-Saharan Africa.[1][2] Their common names include screeching frogs, sometimes simply squeakers.[1]


These species are terrestrial breeding, with direct development (metamorphosis to froglets occurs within the egg). Many species in this genus are small, or very small, frogs with a minimum adult size of 15 mm (0.59 in) snout-vent length.[3] The largest species (Arthroleptis nikeae and Arthroleptis tanneri) reach body lengths around 55 mm (2.2 in). It was hypothesized that small species evolved from larger ones, but in fact the opposite seems to be case.[2]

Arthroleptis species are terrestrial leaf-litter frogs that feed on a range of terrestrial arthropods, such as ants and termites.[2]


Forty-seven[1] to 49[4] species are known; this list follows the Amphibian Species of the World:[1]

Common name Binomial name
Foulassi screeching frog Arthroleptis adelphus Perret, 1966
Rugegewald screeching frog Arthroleptis adolfifriederici Nieden, 1911
Ahl's squeaker Arthroleptis affinis Ahl, 1939
Arthroleptis anotis Loader, Poynton, Lawson, Blackburn, and Menegon, 2011
Freetown long-fingered frog Arthroleptis aureoli (Schiøtz, 1964)
Arthroleptis bioko Blackburn, 2010
Tumbo-Insel screeching frog Arthroleptis bivittatus Müller, 1885
Togo screeching frog Arthroleptis brevipes Ahl, 1924
Carqueja's squeaker Arthroleptis carquejai Ferreira, 1906
Guinea screeching frog Arthroleptis crusculum Angel, 1950
Laurent's screeching frog Arthroleptis discodactylus (Laurent, 1954)
Arthroleptis fichika Blackburn, 2009
Arthroleptis formosus Rödel, Kouamé, Doumbia, and Sandberger, 2011
Ruo River screeching frog Arthroleptis francei Loveridge, 1953
Itombwe screeching frog Arthroleptis hematogaster (Laurent, 1954)
Arthroleptis kidogo Blackburn, 2009
Krokosua squeaking frog,
Giant squeaker frog
Arthroleptis krokosua Ernst, Agyei, and Rödel, 2008
Arthroleptis kutogundua Blackburn, 2012
Lameer's squeaker Arthroleptis lameerei De Witte, 1921
Lonnberg's squeaker Arthroleptis langeri Rödel, Doumbia, Johnson, and Hillers, 2009
Loveridge's screeching frog Arthroleptis loveridgei De Witte, 1933
Mosso screeching frog Arthroleptis mossoensis (Laurent, 1954)
Arthroleptis nguruensis Poynton, Menegon, and Loader, 2009
Nike's squeaker Arthroleptis nikeae Poynton, 2003
Mount Nimba screeching frog Arthroleptis nimbaensis Angel, 1950
Arthroleptis nlonakoensis (Plath, Herrmann, and Böhme, 2006)
Arthroleptis palava Blackburn, Gvoždík, and Leaché, 2010
Arthroleptis perreti Blackburn, Gonwouo, Ernst, and Rödel, 2009
Lomami screeching frog Arthroleptis phrynoides (Laurent, 1976)
Mottled squeaker Arthroleptis poecilonotus Peters, 1863
Kivu screeching frog Arthroleptis pyrrhoscelis Laurent, 1952
Reiche's squeaker Arthroleptis reichei Nieden, 1911
Schubotz's squeaker Arthroleptis schubotzi Nieden, 1911
Tanganyika screeching frog Arthroleptis spinalis Boulenger, 1919
Common squeaker Arthroleptis stenodactylus Pfeffer, 1893
Kambai squeaker Arthroleptis stridens (Pickersgill, 2007)
Forest screeching frog Arthroleptis sylvaticus (Laurent, 1954)
Striped screeching frog Arthroleptis taeniatus Boulenger, 1906
Tanzania screeching frog Arthroleptis tanneri Grandison, 1983
Cave squeaker Arthroleptis troglodytes Poynton, 1963
Rainforest screeching frog Arthroleptis tuberosus Andersson, 1905
Buea screeching frog Arthroleptis variabilis Matschie, 1893
Mwana screeching frog Arthroleptis vercammeni (Laurent, 1954)
Wahlberg's Humus Frog Arthroleptis wahlbergii Smith, 1849
Plain squeaker Arthroleptis xenochirus Boulenger, 1905
Dwarf squeaker Arthroleptis xenodactyloides Hewitt, 1933
Eastern squeaker Arthroleptis xenodactylus Boulenger, 1909
Zimmer's screeching frog Arthroleptis zimmeri (Ahl, 1925)


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