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Macdonell in 1901

Arthur Anthony Macdonell, FBA (11 May 1854 – 28 December 1930),[1] 7th of Lochgarry, was a noted Sanskrit scholar.


Macdonell was born at Muzaffarpur in the Tirhut region of the state of Bihar in British India,[2] the son of Charles Alexander Macdonell, of the Indian Army. He was educated at Göttingen University, then matriculated in 1876 at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, gaining a classical exhibition and three scholarships (for German, Chinese, and the Boden Scholarship for Sanskrit). He graduated with classical honours in 1880 and was appointed Taylorian Teacher of German(language) at Oxford. In 1883 he obtained his PhD from the University of Leipzig, and then became Deputy Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford in 1888, and Boden Professor of Sanskrit in 1899 (a post that carried with it a fellowship of Balliol College, Oxford).[3]

Macdonell edited various Sanskrit texts, wrote a grammar,[4] compiled a dictionary, and published a Vedic grammar, a Vedic Reader, and a work on Vedic mythology; he also wrote a history of Sanskrit.

Selected works[edit]

  • MacDonell, Arthur Anthony (1900). A History of Sanskrit Literature . Kessinger Publishing (published 2004). ISBN 1-4179-0619-7.
  • The Brhad-Devata Attributed to Saunaka : A Summary of the Deities and Myths of the Rgveda—Critically edited in the original Sanskrit with an introduction and seven appendices and translated into English with critical and illustrative notes, Arthur Anthony MacDonell. Cambridge, 1904. 2 v., xxxv, 198, 334 p.* A Vedic grammar for students, A.A. Macdonald. Delhi, 1916, Oxford.
  • History of Vedic Mythology, A.A. Macdonald. New Delhi, Sanjay Prakashan, 2004, ix, 270 p., ISBN 81-7453-103-3.
  • Macdonell, Arthur Anthony. A practical Sanskrit dictionary with transliteration, accentuation, and etymological analysis throughout. London: Oxford University Press, 1929
  • A Sanskrit Grammar for Students, Arthur Anthony Macdonell, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-815466-6.
  • A Vedic Reader for Students, Arthur Anthony Macdonell, Oxford, 1917.


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