Arthur B. Rubinstein

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This article is about the American composer. For the pianist, see Arthur Rubinstein.
Arthur B. Rubinstein
Born (1938-03-31) March 31, 1938 (age 77)
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Genres Film score
Occupation(s) Composer, Conductor
Instruments Piano, Synthesizer
Years active 1971–2002
Associated acts The Beepers

Arthur B. Rubinstein (born March 31, 1938 in Brooklyn, New York) is an American composer. He composed several TV series soundtracks and songs for film scores, including Video Fever and Edge of the World in the film WarGames. During the making of these soundtracks, he was a member of the band The Beepers. He has frequently been hired by film director John Badham, and the majority of his movie soundtracks are found in Badham's work.

In 1983 Rubinstein scored the soundtrack to John Badham's Blue Thunder. Rubinstein created the score (which he composed, conducted and produced) using various synthesizers, a popular instrument of the 80's era.

In the score Rubinstein used these synthesizers in a symphonic manner by combining them with brass, percussion and string ensembles. Using the Synclavier II (a digital computer instrument) and dubbing this with both the Jupiter, the Prophet and the Moog analog synthesizers, Rubinstein also created a very unusual sound by placing a microphone inside a large empty water bottle and placing it underneath a Steinway grand piano.

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