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Arthur Bernède (5 January 1871 – 20 March 1937) was a French writer, poet, opera libretist, and playwright.

He was born in Redon, Ille-et-Vilaine department, in Brittany. In 1919, Bernède joined forces with actor René Navarre, who had played Fantômas in the Louis Feuillade serials, and writer Gaston Leroux, the creator of Rouletabille, to launch the Société des Cinéromans, a production company that would produce films and novels simultaneously. He published almost 200 adventure, mystery, and historical novels. His best-known characters are Belphégor, Judex, Mandrin, and Vidocq. He also collaborated on plays, poems, and opera libretti with Paul de Choudens; including several operas by Félix Fourdrain.

Bernède also wrote the libretti for a number of operas, among them Jules Massenet's Sapho and Camille Erlanger's L'Aube rouge.